A home should be filled with color, paintings, lights, and fabrics and guarantee that after a long day you can jump around with your children and dogs and be inspired. I like to give my clients originality and there is always meaning and depth behind what I do. I would consider myself quietly creative. The core of my business is to be selfless and natural. My courage comes with my experience from my family and the process of discovering myself. Always play your best hand, finish what you started, and leave nothing undone.  Remember it's a small world and no one is better or worse. I am thankful! 

Amy Moore

Amy Moore




Amy Moore has been designing since 2008 and started afmDESIGN, LLC in 2013. Amy has since worked on projects and jobs in New York, Atlanta, Michigan, California, Florida and surrounding areas in North and South Carolina.

afmDESIGN’s focus is on quality and value, while keeping things fresh, sophisticated, and unpretentious. Our work is eclectic and lovely, while staying true to comfort, function, and beauty. Well defined and understated, we work with old and new memories when designing.

We design to all levels. Whether it's assistance with construction and renovations, redesigning your entire house, or just selecting art for a gallery wall, afmDESIGN is ready to meet your needs.  And please don’t forget to look at our original repeat textiles and grass cloth wallpaper ready to print commercially in the USA.

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